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This issue may occur due to:

- windows updates

- COM PORT changing

- StarGo Software/Firmware mismatch

- Firmware corruption

In order to fix this issue it is suggested to donwnload from our Support Page the latest StarGo Software/Firmware release and perform a new, clean StarGo software installation.

After the software installation it must be performed the firmware upgrade.

This procedure has been shown in the following video.

The Motorized Polar Alignment function has been designed to work with the Merlino Board. If the Merlino Board is not available, to manage the operation, both the StarGo AUX ports must be used. In this way is not possible to manage the focuser and the Motorized Polar Alignement via ASCOM at the same time. It would be only possible, after the Polar Alignment, take off one of the two cables to use the focuser. The motors for the Motorized Polar Alignment Function can only be assembled in the factory.

Avalon Instruments provide a power supply with a 5,5 mm external diameter, 2,1 mm internal diameter, that has been chosen due to his standard characteristichs, easy to find on the market and, above all, during the risk evaluation process, it has been noticed that in case of cable stretching, the connector can come out without any damages.

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