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Adapter/Extender OBS Pier Kit

Adapter/Extender OBS Pier Kit

Compose your customized Extender/Adapter OBS Pier.

Select the top flange and, eventually, the parts, in order to put your mount on the OBS Pier.

The kit can be self composed by the user directly on our website.

The two main flanges: OBS PIER ADAPTER MOUNTS FLANGE (for Avalon and third party mounts) and IOPTRON OBS PIER FLANGE can be assembled directly on the OBS Pier top flange or on one of the three kind of Extender Pier Bar Set, in order to raise the mount from the Pier.

In case you wish to raise the mount from the OBS pier, you can select one of the three Pier Bar Set.

OBS Pier Adapter Flanges

Extender Pier Bar Set

OBS Pier Adapter Parts

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