Avalon Instruments SpaceWeather Research Division focuses on the lesser known forms of solar energy. One of the significant impacts of solar energy is Magnetic Storms, that affects every signalling circuit / grid. The impact can be significant across any and every electricity grids, telecom networks, aviation & satellites, thus devastating and destroying every critical infrastructure of the modern civilisation.

Avalon Instruments SAMM at SWICo 2022

On 9th, 10th and 11th February 2022 SWICo held in his ASI Headquarter in Rome the “SWICo Second National Congress” (https://swico2021.web.roma2.infn.it/).
The National Congress has been a meeting and discussion opportunity for all the italian heliogeophysics community active in the Space Weather field (from the Sun to the Earth).

Avalon Instruments in collaboration with INAF (National Institute for Astrophisics) presented during the congress its SAMM project.

A Robotic Instrument For Space Weather Surveillance Network

The Project has been shown during the 12 session of the Space Weather Instrumentation Conference held at Liegi (Belgium) on Thursday 21st November 2019. SAMM (Solar Activity MoF Monitor) is a robotic instrument that has been developed to monitor the solar activity delivering high cadence magnetograms and dopplergrams at different heights in the solar atmosphere.

Based on Na and K magneto optical filters (MOF), SAMM provides a “tomographics” view of the magnetic structures of the solar atmossphere that can generate explosive events usually associated with large amount of particle and matter ejections in the space environment that eventually interact with the Earth magnetosphere producing a variety of effects. Powerful solar storms can affect both space and ground based infrastructures like satellites, avionics navigations systems, power plants and electrical grids.

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