The SAMM Telescope project

A Robotic Instrument For Space Weather Surveillance Network

The Project has been shown during the 12 session of the Space Weather Instrumentation Conference held at Liegi (Belgium) on Thursday 21st November 2019. SAMM (Solar Activity MoF Monitor) is a robotic instrument that has been developed to monitor the solar activity delivering high cadence magnetograms and dopplergrams at different heights in the solar atmosphere.

Based on Na and K magneto optical filters (MOF), SAMM provides a “tomographics” view of the magnetic structures of the solar atmossphere that can generate explosive events usually associated with large amount of particle and matter ejections in the space environment that eventually interact with the Earth magnetosphere producing a variety of effects. Powerful solar storms can affect both space and ground based infrastructures like satellites, avionics navigations systems, power plants and electrical grids.

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NEXT PROJECTS - Sky on Earth (SoE)

Sky on Earth (SoE) is a world wide network of telescopes devoted to private or institutional subscribers. SoE instrumentation is optimized to address astronomical topics ranging from transients search to asteroids study and space debris tracking. The wide field images of SoE are of paramount importance to security of civil and military assets in space and on Earth.

Avalon Instruments Research and development division

The European Space Weather project (Horizon 2020)

The last but most important step was carried out in the scientific area.

AVALON INSTRUMENTS collaborates with INAF (National Institute for Astrophisics), in the European Space Weather project (Horizon 2020). The project target is the design and production of a Solar Magnetic Field Monitoring System to prevent the risk of a solar flare that can damage/destroy human technology such as Satellites, GPS systems, Nuclear and Thermal power plants.

SAMM is a remotely operated binocular telescope equipped with two instruments based on the narrow band Magnetic Optical Filters (MOF), with the aim to get images from different layers of the atmoshere of the sun at a high temporal cadence (20 sec) and a resolution of 1000Km.

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