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How to use the Realign to absolute position feature in the StarGo

Normally the pointing error offset that is used after a Sync or a Plate Solve, is not stored in the memory, because, the mount will be moved from at the end of the session.

In case of use in a Observatory or a stable location, it is possible to store in memory the pointing error offset, by using the “Realign Absolute Position” feature by following the step by step procedure explained below:


  1. Set the Single Star Alignment mode

  2. Perform the Polar Alignment

  3. Sync Home Position

  4. Perform a GoTo on the target (it is suggested to perform it high on the Eastern Horizon and close to the Celestial Equatorial area) then center and Sync the target by using the keypad or a Plate Solve function

  5. Click on the Realign Absolute Position button.

  6. You must now set again your preferred park position (move to the park position and then press the Set Park button).

NOTE: In order to quickly restore the park position in case of an accidental position lost, you can use a webcam to check an accurate reference point to be used in the Restore Park function, so, if you want to use this function it is important to set the park position in the eastern position close to the horizon, where the accuracy is higher (it is also possible to use the western position, if you mainly work on this sky area).