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How to capture Comets or Asteroids using X-solver and Hnsky.

By using in conjunction the Avalon X-solver tool and the HNSKY software is possible to set up an automation that allows to capture asteroids or comets by having the target in the frame center and the background sliding behind.

NOTE: the following procedure can be performed by using X-solver version, included starting from the StarGo_640_SP6.

Below it is described the step by step procedure for the system settings:

The X-solver comes provided with the StarGo installer suite, while the HNSKY must be downloaded from it’s website.

- After the installation connect the telescope. This operation is performed as shown in the picture below: righ click on the planetarium display, point the mouse on the Telescope menù option and click on the “Connect to telescope”

how to capture comets with xsolver 01


- Select the Avalon Ascom driver

how to capture comets with xsolver 02


- Click on the Settings button to get inside the software configuration


how to capture comets with xsolver 03


- In the screen frame set the timing in seconds that set up the delay between each GoTo.

NOTE: this time must be higher then the total amount in seconds of the picture exposure, the picture download time and the time required to complete the GoTo. For example, if the picture exposure is set to 40 sec. Will be required at least 10/15 seconds to complete the slew required to recenter the comet or asteroid. So by setting 60 seconds the procedure will be fine. Just check performing some tests in order to adjust the correct timing.

 how to capture comets with xsolver 04


 - Select the target

 how to capture comets with xsolver 05


- Activate the “Follow System Time” option in the “Date settings” menù.

 how to capture comets with xsolver 07b


- Click on the “Track by Slew” option. The object will be tracked with the frequency set before.

 how to capture comets with xsolver 07


- Run the X-solver and connect to the StarGo and Camera. Set the Exposure time on the basis of the Screen frequency set before.

The X-solver automatically will take a shot at the end of each GoTo, at this point after checking the image quality, just enable the “Save Shot after Slew” option.

 how to capture comets with xsolver 10


 - You can check the result by clicking on the “Open Folder” button.

 how to capture comets with xsolver 09