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The SG+/Pro (StarGo Plus/StarGo2 Pro) are Raspberry Pi based Astronomical control system, they have been designed to work in two main hardware connection methods:

- Method 1: StarGo Plus as a Hotspot

- Method 2: StarGo Plus connected to your network, via LAN or Wi-Fi

Usually the method 2 via LAN is accomplished by using an Ethernet cable connected to a router.

However, it is also possible to connect the system directly to the PC with the same ethernet cable, without passing through the router. This method can be really useful on the field for a smart and very simple connection.

This behavior may be related to latest Operative System update that can create issues with previous StarGo versions.
The issue can be solved by upgrading to the latest StarGo versions available on the Support Page reserved download area.
Users with EVO-zero mount should download and install the Install_StarGo_700_B5.exe whereas all the other users should download and install the Install_StarGo_640_SP6.exe.

Ekos comes provided with a powerful and useful tool that allows to perform an accurate Polar Alignment even in location where the Polaris is not visible.
The procedure is quite straightforward, the mount will perform three different rotations on the RA axis, shooting a picture for each one.
Thanks to the Plate Solving, the software receive the precise position of each rotation and, calculating the overall movement, is able to estimate how much the RA axis is drifting away from the real North, guiding the user to perform the required corrections.

Park Procedure

    1. Run the StarGo.exe
    2. Perform the Sync Home Position
    3. Perform a GoTo or Move the mount on the choosen position for the Park
    4. Click on the “Set Park” button to choose the position for the Park.
    5. Start the session and point the mount on other objects
    6. At the end of the session click on the “Park” button. The mount will slew to the position choosen through the “Set Park” function, retaining it in the next session, even after a shutdown.
       NOTE: this mean that in the next session another Sync Home Position is not required.
    7. Close the StarGo.exe and Power off the mount.

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