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The SG+/Pro (StarGo Plus/StarGo2 Pro) are Raspberry Pi based Astronomical control system, they have been designed to work in two main hardware connection methods:

- Method 1: StarGo Plus as a Hotspot

- Method 2: StarGo Plus connected to your network, via LAN or Wi-Fi

Usually the method 2 via LAN is accomplished by using an Ethernet cable connected to a router.

In a previous troubleshooting article we have explained how to establish a connection between a PC and a SG+/Pro by using an Ethernet cable.

This behavior may be related to latest Operative System update that can create issues with previous StarGo versions.
The issue can be solved by upgrading to the latest StarGo versions available on the Support Page reserved download area.
Users with EVO-zero mount should download and install the Install_StarGo_700_B5.exe whereas all the other users should download and install the Install_StarGo_640_SP6.exe.

By using in conjunction the Avalon X-solver tool and the HNSKY software is possible to set up an automation that allows to capture asteroids or comets by having the target in the frame center and the background sliding behind.

NOTE: the following procedure can be performed by using X-solver version, included starting from the StarGo_640_SP6.

Motorized Polar Alignment kit

In order to allow the mount free rotation on the Azimuth, being at the same time firmly assembled on the base flange, the three bolts must be tightned with the correct pressure.

This adjustment it is performed at the company before to ship the mount.

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