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How to perform the Park Position procedure with the StarGo

Park Procedure

    1. Run the StarGo.exe
    2. Perform the Sync Home Position
    3. Perform a GoTo or Move the mount on the choosen position for the Park
    4. Click on the “Set Park” button to choose the position for the Park.
    5. Start the session and point the mount on other objects
    6. At the end of the session click on the “Park” button. The mount will slew to the position choosen through the “Set Park” function, retaining it in the next session, even after a shutdown.
       NOTE: this mean that in the next session another Sync Home Position is not required.
    7. Close the StarGo.exe and Power off the mount.


At this point, in the next session, after the system power on, the mount will be in Park status. When the mount will be unparked, the system will recover the sky alignment, by opening any kind of planetary software, the pointer will show the park position previously choosen.