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M-uno D vs Linear

In this article the doubtful user about the purchasing of the Linear or the M-uno D, can find a list of pro and cons of the two mounts.

The biggest benefit of the M-uno D compared to the Linear mount it is the possibility to avoid the Meridian Flip.

Below are available some useful links for long refractor setup with the M-uno D arranged by Avalon Instruments Users

Below more links about users setups at the following links:

Below it is possible to watch a useful pictures of an M-uno D and long refractor setup.

m uno long refractor 01

To achieve a good setup with the M-uno D and long refractors some extra item could be required, as extra Counterweight shaft (145 mm, 85 mm, 60 mm are available), extra Counterweight (1,4 Kg, 0,55 Kg) and a Miniextender (130 mm, 105 mm, 80 mm, 55 mm). The setup below include a long refractor with a Sharpstar 107HP. The total weight is about 10kg, the length is 90 cm. In this case, to allow a free rotation of the long refractor, in order to avoid collisions, the mount has been equipped with a Mini Extender 105 mm.

The M-uno tracking accuracy is as good as the Linear,and it is possible to avoid for sure the Meridian Flip for all the target from the South to the Zenith, with small refractors it is also possible to avoid the Meridian Flip even further the Zenith.

With the Linear mount, the setup configuration could be a bit straightforward but in this way it is not possible to have the advantage of the No Meridian Flip option, and more heavier counterweight are required.