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StarGO2 PRO and StarGO Plus Controller internal SD System Recovery instructions:

This procedure overwrite the internal SD system with a completely new system (version 2.1_20231103)starting from a USB pendrive system, in case you have personal data, images or other files, please make a copy otherwise everything will be lost!

This is the link for the direct download:

1) Before to start with the procedure, it must be activated the Raspberry Pi USB boot by using the followiong steps:

- The Controller must have the internet connection

- Connect to the Controller via VNC from an external PC

- Open the terminal

- Type : sudo raspi-config

- Choose option 6 (Advanced Options)

- Choose option A6 (Boot Order)

- Choose option B2 (USB Boot, check if the command will be executed in the proper way)

- Shutdown the device

2) Download the recovery zip file (using the link provided) and unzip it

3) Insert a 4 Gb ( or greater) USB pendrive on the PC USB port

4) Flash the pendrive by using Raspberry Pi Imager or ImageUSB or Win32DiskImager

5) Remove the pendrive from the PC and insert it in the Controller


StarGo2 Pro Version

6a) Power it and, after the start up ( it starts in command line mode), follow the screen instructions

( Press simultaneously, for more than 5 seconds, the Speed+ and the Focus+ buttons on the keypad)the process start and will takes about 15 minutes


StarGo Plus Version

6b) Power it and just wait for the red LED is light ON, at this point press simultaneously, for more than 5 seconds, the Speed+ and the Focus+ buttons on the keypad. As the process start, the LED begin to blink faster.

When the LED stop blinking fast and come back to blink at normal speed, the procedure it is finished. The process will takes about 15 minutes


7) When the process is completed just power off the Controller

8) Take off the pendrive and power on the Controller

once the start up is completed just update the Location and your mount model/parameters (Speed, Parking Position, Networking, Additional INDI drivers etc..)


Note!: Starting from the 2.1 Version the WiFi and the system access Password is: AVgotosys

This version install the INDIserver version 1.9.7