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Question Avalon INDI Driver commands

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30 Dec 2021 22:59 #837 by ken.self
Replied by ken.self on topic Avalon INDI Driver commands
Looks like Covid may have got in the way of this work.

I have recently upgraded to the latest firmware and have made a lot of progress on nearly all of the functions.
With the work done by Wolfgang on the Tracking Adjustment I think it may also be possible to develop an Auto-tracking adjustment option like in the Windows driver.

I have discovered a few minor quirks with the new firmware that I'd also like to resolve.

@Stefano82 I sent PM with my email address for technical discussion

-- Ken
Avalon M-Uno; GSO RC8; ASI1600; Optec focuser; Aaeon UP/Ubuntu/INDI

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17 Aug 2022 13:37 - 18 Aug 2022 05:16 #1006 by kodo
Replied by kodo on topic Avalon INDI Driver commands (SOLVED)
I think I've found the source of the issues and it was related to... USB cables and, probably, interference! The mount works like a charm now. I have a RPi 4B and, currently, I use all of the USB ports. To one of the ports I connect the ATIK CCD and if I use a USB 3.0|1 cable, I immediately get issues. I suspect that there are some interference going on between the ports. I didn't think that could be the case as I tried everything, shutting down all devices until only the mount was switched on, but, alas, the problem remained. Switching the CCD USB 3.0|1 cable to a v2 solved the problem immediately.

Lesson learned? I need to get a powered USB hub which will probably solve the issue as I assume they're probably better shielded.

Phew, I really love my Zero so happy camper now!



Hi Ken!

I hope you're OK me chiming in on this thread. I'm not planning on hijacking it, rather the contrary :)

The reason for me doing this is that since "x number of Astroberry version ago" me Avalon Zero started to behave erratic. The first issue I recognized was the mixup of east/west in the EKOS polar alignment tool. This has been acknowledged of being a bug probably in the Indi StarGo driver. This can be handled albeit a little cumbersome...

What is bogging me is that my mount has started to "loose track of where it is" after x number of slews. I've described it in this forum here:

I DO NOT assume that you'll look into this particular case BUT as you expressed an interest (intention?) to look into the StarGo Indi driver I thought you might be interested.

I've contacted Avalon regarding my issue(s) but have yet to hear from them...

Looking forward to hear from you.

Clear skies!
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Planet30

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17 Aug 2022 19:19 - 17 Aug 2022 19:22 #1007 by Planet30
Replied by Planet30 on topic Avalon INDI Driver commands
Here a related subject concerning the new StarGO2 controller (“SG2”), which is based on its own INDI server and drivers running on a Raspberry Pi 4B. (I have an M-Uno controlled by the SG2).

The ASIAIR can only use the SkySafari INDI driver on the SG2 and not the native INDI telescope (i.e mount) driver. For that you need to choose the LX200 Basic driver on the ASIAIR, which provides only a very limited set of commands. Guiding is not supported. As we all know, the M-Uno does not work well unguided for long-exposure subs.

Either the SG2-SkySafari INDI driver needs to be adjusted in order to support e.g. the LX200 Classic setting/driver on the ASIAIR, or Avalon should provide ZWO with a native and compatible INDI driver/interface.

It seems that the StarGO2 Pro is one of the few and rare mount controllers that are not fully compatible with the ASIAIR, which is very unfortunate.

Note: I prefer the ASIAIR over KStars/EKOS, StellarMate or the like, because it is so much easier to use, very stable and very nicely integrated in the Apple ecosystem.
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21 Feb 2023 17:13 #1117 by MarkH
Replied by MarkH on topic Avalon INDI Driver commands

I've been trying to use the Kstars / EKOS with my Linear mount using the the Avalon INDI driver in the latest KStars build, but with little success. There are a number of issues I seem to be hitting. For example, the Un-Park function thinks that the mount is already unparked when it isn't, so I have to unpark manually. Also, sometimes the Goto function fails because the mount won't slew at all, even though it is unparked. 

I saw this thread and wondered if there was a specific version of the INDI driver I should be using?

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks, Mark H

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  • Stefano82
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27 Feb 2023 14:45 #1120 by Stefano82
Replied by Stefano82 on topic Avalon INDI Driver commands
Hi Mark

How are you working with Kstars / EKOS? Do you connect from a remote PC to a Raspberry or directly from the PC to the mount?

Please let us know so we can try to reproduce your configuration.

Best regards

Avalon Instruments Team

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02 Mar 2023 15:49 - 03 Mar 2023 12:34 #1124 by MarkH
Replied by MarkH on topic Avalon INDI Driver commands
Hi Stefano,

I have a PC running Ubuntu 22.04 connected to the Avalon Linear mount via a Pegasus Powerbox Advance (though I have also tried with a direct connection between the PC and mount, without the Powerbox). I'm using the latest version of KStars / Ekos. I think I'm also using the latest published version of the INDI Driver as well (via the same repository as KStars etc.)

As mentioned, Parking and Unparking the mount is an issue and has to be done manually as those mount controls in Ekos can become greyed out. Also sometimes slewing doesn't work at all, even though the console log in Ekos says the mount is carrying out a slew command. On occasions that a slew command does trigger movement it sometimes won't stop and I have to force an abort or even unplug the power to the mount to prevent a collision with the tripod.

The mount works fine under windows ASCOM so I don't believe there is a hardware issue.

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks, Mark
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