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Question Avalon INDI Driver commands

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03 Mar 2023 14:33 - 03 Mar 2023 14:34 #1126 by Stefano82
Replied by Stefano82 on topic Avalon INDI Driver commands
Hi Mark

We just made a test running a configuration similar to your: 
Ubuntu 22.04
Kstars 3.6.2 Stable version
StarGo directly connected to a PC.

 We didn’t find any issue in the slewing behaviour. Only in the very first session test, the mount soon after the connection didn’t move through GoToes commands.This happened because we didn’t perform a Sync Home Position.

Soon after we did it the mount started to slewed properly. So keep in mind that at the beginning of the session, in case no Park Position has been performed, just make a Sync Home position and start. 

The stop before the target behaviour may be also related to the keypad. Read the article linked below and check if the keypad has been plugged in the StarGo box. 

In case you are not planning to use the handset, disable it in the StarGo Software as suggested in the mentioned article.

We noticed, as you did, the “Unparked” “false flag”. This may be related with the communication between the software and the driver. However the commands work fine.

During the session is possible to park and after the telescope achieve the selected park position, the mount stop and the in the INDI control panel the Park status is set on “Parked”. 

The “false flag” issue show up after the restart but this doesn’t mean that the position is lost. 

In this status, by watching the StarGo board, you’ll see that the StarGo led will blink fast (this mean that the mount is parked) and just pressing the red I/O button on the StarGo box, the mount will be unparked and the position recovered.

Let us know if plugging the keypad and performing the Sync Home Position the slew issue persist. 

Best regards

Avalon Instruments Team
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03 Mar 2023 15:55 #1127 by MarkH
Replied by MarkH on topic Avalon INDI Driver commands
Thanks Stefano. I'll try out your suggestions and report back.

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