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  • danielh21
07 Jun 2021 15:27 - 07 Jun 2021 15:30
Replied by danielh21 on topic Anbody used the M-Zero with a heavy OTA?

Anbody used the M-Zero with a heavy OTA?

Category: General Topics

Hi Stephan,

Probably a good choice to stick with a refractor. The amount of headache is just so much less than with any other kind of telescope. My skies are really only suitable for narrowband anyway, so chasing galaxies isn't really a fruitful endeavor. There is also the option of a large-aperture refractor.

If I ever do experiment with a long-fl setup again I might try an EdgeHD 8 because of the light weight and relative ease of use compared to an RC. But I don't know if the M-Zero would support such a long focal length, especially since my M-Zero does not have the HQ motors. A long Newtonian would probably be too heavy, and would require a meridian flip. Being able to avoid the meridian flip is one of the great things about Avalon mounts. When I had the RC I had to do the flip because of the long backfocus and that was very annoying.

  • Stefano82
  • Stefano82's Avatar
04 Jun 2021 14:42
Replied by Stefano82 on topic Balancing my M-Uno

Balancing my M-Uno

Category: General Topics

How much it is the unbalacing amount on the RA axis?

Of course you can make a longer bar in order to add weight and find your fine balancing but, as other users already suggested, another solution could be to place the refractor in the bottom side of the DEC arm in Dual Dec configuration?.

In this way you could at the same time reduce the overall and the use of counterweights.

Best regards
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