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StarGo Plus

Raspberri Pi Based Astronomical Control System
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  • StarGo Plus controller in aluminum case
  • StarGo Plus control keypad
  • 12-24 VDC power supply with 110-240 VAC and 12 VDC inputs + cigarette lighter 12V power cable.
  • USB flash drive with StarGO softwares and manuals
  • RJ11 Cables connection

All in one Astronomical Control System for Mount - Focuser - CCD Cameras and accessories

The StarGo Plus is the new Avalon Instruments controller Raspberry Pi based for a remote and complete Astronomical setup management.

The StarGo Plus is compatible with every Avalon mounts and is possible to perform the upgrade from the StarGo GoTo Control System.

StarGo Plus setup control scheme

Compact dimensions, versatile assembling, less cabling

The StarGo Plus has been designed with compact dimensions (140 x 99 x 33 mm) and standard fixing holespacing (93 and 35 mm) in order to allow the maximum compatibility and many different assembling possibilities. It can be directly assembled on the T-pod 90/110 and 130 leg, on the DEC bottom side or even on the Telescope bottom/top.

Linux and Windows environments compatible

It can be accessed directly on the StarGo Plus Raspberry Pi Operative System for a complete Remote control or via Software installed on the Host Pc (Carte du Ciel/N.I.N.A./SGP/Stellarium etc…) thanks to the INDI (Linux, Mac O.S.) or ASCOM Alpaca (Windowd O.S.) drivers.

Mount Speed Up to 15° / Sec.

Avalon mount connected with the StarGo Plus can increase their Slew Speed up to 15° / Sec.

StarGo Plus connection modality

The StarGo Plus provide a complete and versatile connection mode, depending on the preferred user modality.


- Mode 1: StarGo Plus as a Hotspot

- Mode 2: StarGo Plus connected to your network, via LAN or Wi-Fi

StarGo Plus connection 1000


- Desktop remote connection to the StarGo Plus Operative System/Raspberri PI

StarGoPlus operative system 01 rit

- Remote connection from your Host pc Softwares (Carte du Ciel/N.I.N.A./SGP/Stellarium etc...)

stargo plus nina carte du ciel 01

StarGo Plus WebApp for Smart Devices and PC/Laptop control

The WebApp is a Browser based solution that use any kind of browser installed on any kind of smart or PC device. So is not required to donwload any kind of external app. Once the device is connected with the StarGo Plus by using one of the above mentioned methods, the device can control the setup.

The WebApp allows the complete mount and setup control and function management. The WebApp allows to move the mount axis, however, thanks to the INDI Driver, the StarGo Plus is also compatible with the SkySafari App, so the user can also perform intiuitive GoTo for visual or photographic session.


StarGo Plus WebApp Screenshots

StarGo WebApp video

StarGo Plus Input/Output

- RA/DEC motors output
- Keypad output
- Focuser Aux 1 RJ port with ASCOM and INDI driver ready to be used
- 1x 12 volt power output

StarGo Plus input output scheme 01 fan

StarGo Plus Keypad, New Design

The StarGo Plus comes provided with the handset included in the package. The keypad can be used for simple axis movements, precise centering or even to more advanced focuser control.

StarGo Plus keypad


Tracking Satellites Feature Available

With the StarGo Plus is available the Tracking Satellites fearure. See the video below to watch a session taken in our Merlino Observatory at our Headquarter with a M-uno mount



StarGo Plus Dimensions

StarGo Plus dimensions 1000


User Manual

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