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Solved M-Zero Obs User Feedback

13 Sep 2020 14:06 - 18 Sep 2020 07:32 #402 by jimv
M-Zero Obs User Feedback was created by jimv
I'm new to Avalon and am considering the purchase of this mount and asking for user feedback on the following:
  1. How long does it take to setup an M-Zero for imaging (including polar alignment and accurate pointing)?
    At what point does guiding become necessary? For example, does a 10-minute exposure at 425mm focal length require guiding?
    What guider packages (camera and scope) are recommended for use with the mount?
    How are people using (attaching, powering) an EAGLE3 with the mount?
Thanks for your time and interest.
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18 Sep 2020 07:31 #403 by Stefano82
Replied by Stefano82 on topic M-Zero Obs User Feedback
Dear Jim

To be as much as clear possible, we are going to answer point by point to your numbered questions:

1 - Normally our mounts are ready in less then 20 minutes. Due to our counterweights, mounts and tripods use a comfortable knobs system, the mechanical setup require max 10/15 minutes and, with a bit of experience after some setup, a user can be ready in less then 10 minutes.
For the M-zero obs it will be required more time only for the first mount setup, since in order to have a safe shipment, the pier comes disassembled and must be mounted at least one time from the user (see M-zero Obs user manual). Then, once the mount it is assembled on the pier, the product it is really compact and light, so it will become something "place and play".
The standard Polar Alignment procedure can takes about 5/10 minutes, however, with the help of devices such as Polemaster or iPolar you can be ready in less then 5 minutes.
Finally, if you place the mount inside a small observatory, with the special StarGo.exe Park/Unpark function, the mount can remember the last session position and be ready in few seconds.

The M-zero most of the times can make 30sec exposure without autoguiding. In the best conditions, sometimes, it is possible to achieve up to max 2 minutes without autoguiding. In this case, please be sure that a precise and accurate Polar Alignment has been performed. For 10 minutes exposure, guiding is suggested.

2 - From what we see in the EAGLE3 product page, it seems to be compatible with the Primaluce lab Vixen style dovetail ,

in this case, it will be possible to mount the mentioned vixed bar on the EAGLE3, then, by mounting the SMALL GP clamp

on the DUAL DEC adapter that comes with the M-zero obs (so you don't need to purchased it separately), it will be possible to attach this product on the lower side of the M-zero DEC arm.

Best regards

Avalon Instruments Team
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