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05 Nov 2019 00:31 #19 by neurodoc01@me.com
JNow or J2000 was created by neurodoc01@me.com
Does it matter which is selected?

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  • Luciano Dal Sasso
05 Nov 2019 19:39 #21 by Luciano Dal Sasso
Replied by Luciano Dal Sasso on topic JNow or J2000
It is better to use the JNow because the current planetarium software works mainly with this kind of catalog
The J2000 gives the star position referred to that year so there is a difference that can create problems
That's why we are going to remove, in the next StarGO firmware/software upgrade version, the StarGO internal catalog function because it is a J2000 version and it has become obsolete as position accuracy, it was implemented several years ago and now there are free software like Skychart and Stellarium that are much more easy and powerful for the telescope pointing function

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