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29 Jan 2020 09:11 - 29 Jan 2020 11:55 #171 by wsuyker
M-Uno-D weight capacity was created by wsuyker
The weight capacity of the M-Uno-D is not quite clear to me. Both Baader's and Telskop-Express's website specifically mention 2x20 kg. That is a lot of weight and is contrary to Avalon's specification of only 1x20 kg photographically.

The Dual setup is appealing for using multiple imaging instruments at the same time. Specifically, is the following combination still reasonable for the M-Uno in Dual config:
C11 + camera/ OAG (13-14 kg) + C6/Hyperstar + camera (5-6 kg) for a total of 18-20 kg?

As a rule, I observe a 50-66% limit of the manufacturers given weight capacity for astrophotography.

Thank you, Willem
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30 Jan 2020 09:12 #172 by Stefano82
Replied by Stefano82 on topic M-Uno-D weight capacity
Dear Willem

We stated that M-uno load capacity are 20 kg but some user, even loading up to 30 kg, achieved very good performance.
Please read this M-uno review

When we state that M-uno payload is 20 kg we include the double telescope setup.

So if a good balancing is performed, M-uno D can easily manage 18-20 kg in double telescope setup.

Best regards

Avalon Instruments Team

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