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Question My Avalon Linear motor direction(s?) seem confused using N.I.N.A. 2.2

22 Aug 2023 13:20 #1208 by kodo
I'm having problems using my Avalon Linear with N.I.N.A and the problem seems to be the motor direction(s).
In order for PHD2 to be able to calibrate and guide I must have my RA checkbox ticked in my StarGO app (please see the "linear-stargo-advanced-tab.png file). If not the mount seems to follow the stars effectively adding 2 * sidereal to the sky movement instead of countering the movement. However, if I have this checkbox ticked my goto:s are "bananas" and completely, 100%, off! Either I get a mount to track or I get a mount with working goto:s but failed tracking.

I've included some screenshots and log-files from last night (with a lot of N.I.N.A. restarts , cancelled goto:s etc):
  • ascom-version.png: which version of ASCOM I'm running (
  • ascom-stargo-connected.png: showing successful connection between ASCOM and the Linear mount
  • nina-version.png: which version of N.I.N.A. I'm running (
  • nina-equipment-telescope-motor-reversal.png: the switches I tried to flip on/off to get my goto:s to work (to no avail)
  • nina-equipment-telescope.png: the telescope equipment tab in N.I.N.A.
  • linear-stargo-align-tab.png: the align tab in the StarGO app
  • linear-stargo-advanced-tab.png: the advanced tab in the StarGO app
  • linear-stargo-ra-dec-tab.png: the ra/dec tab in the StarGO app
  • linear-stargo-system-tab.png: the system tab in the StarGO app

Really hope somebody more well versed in these things are able to point me in the right direction!
Many thanks in advance. 


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30 Aug 2023 12:56 #1209 by Stefano82
Hi Kodo

Is this behaviour happened after some software update or is always been like this?

Normally in order to slew properly the Linear mount doesn't need to reverse any motor unless some internal cable has been reversed...

The first test to do in this case is to check the slew direction. Try to perform a Sync Home Position and Slew to an object. You can do it even during daylight, just to see the approximative direction i.e. to east close to the horizon.

When the correct slew direction has been found we can try again a calibration with PHD2 and a session with N.I.N.A. keeping investing, if required, the reason of the issue.

So try this test and let us know.

Best regards

Avalon Instruments Team

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