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Solved StarGO 6.2.0 SP1 new features questions

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11 Dec 2019 15:33 - 22 Apr 2020 10:16 #81 by aspegicus
StarGO 6.2.0 SP1 new features questions was created by aspegicus

Thanks for putting together a new release of long overdue StarGo!

1. A question about the new feature "Realign Absolute Position". Could you explain a bit more what is does and how to use it in an imaging session?
2. "ASCOM pulse guiding improved" : What does this means for us? Better tracking because of less correction? Do you still recommend enabling the variable guiding adjustment rate with PHD2?

Thank you for these clarifications
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  • Luciano Dal Sasso
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15 Dec 2019 22:02 #86 by Luciano Dal Sasso
Replied by Luciano Dal Sasso on topic StarGO 6.2.0 SP1 new features questions
Question 1:
The new "Realign Absolute Position" feature has been added to recover the correct mount position after the Parking and the power shutdown or when the position is lost due a wrong procedure, a collision or a power loss
When the StarGO receive a Sync command the amount of the position correction will be stored in an Offset that will be used to correct all the following Goto commands, anyway this is a temporary Offset that will be deleted when the StarGO is turned off, this is normal because the Offset will change on depending on the mount alignment, typical for a mobile use
In case of a observatory use, it would be better to keep in memory this Offset (because the mount will not be moved), in order to have a correct pointing, also after the Park/Unpark, With this new feature it is now possible to integrate the Offset within the absolute mount position, so , after the Unparking, the pointing accuracy will be saved
The correct procedure to use this new feature is the follow:
1) Perform a Sync Home Position
2) Perform a Goto to a target
3) Center the target by using the keypad/movement buttons or use the Plate Solve
4) Press the "Realign Absolute Position" ( the offset value will be integrated to the absolute internal position )
5) Set your preferred Park position
6) You can now continue with the session or directly Park the mount, at the Unpark the correct absolute mount position will be restored

In this way it is now possible to align/realign the mount, from remote, by simply using the Plate Solve

Question 2:
The Ascom driver has been improved on the timing protocol speed , it is now faster to react to the guidepulse commands
The "Auto Tracking ADJ" change the guide tracking speed on depending on the last guidepulse commands medium value, so it is a certain "prediction" of the correct tracking speed, Most of the time it works properly but anyway it can give some incorrect behavior in a certain belt reducer position, that means that, in some axis position, the performances may be not so good, just test it and let me know about
As the capability of the autoguide system can easily correct the PE, I suggest to use this feature only in case there is the risk of a temporary loose of the guide star, for example with few clouds in the sky
Clear skies
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