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Question StarGO and NINA

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01 Apr 2021 12:49 #522 by stephan
StarGO and NINA was created by stephan

yesterday I tested NINA with my Muno mount. NINA (v1.11, latest nightly build) was able to connect to the mount ... but only when the StarGO driver window was closed. For example, with APT I used to start the driver before and, thus, was able to configure the driver settings, e.g. star alignment etc.

I found that the driver coordinates were way off. I tried to sync with a platesolve. After that I slewed to M65 but the mount did not stop moving the telescope even though NINA reported that the slew was done. I was not able to align the mount resonably.

Does anybody have tested NINA with StarGO? Do you experience something similar or did I miss some settings in order to get things running?

By the way ... my system works perdectly with APT, PHD2, latest ASCOM, ...

Thanks for all help!!


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02 Apr 2021 18:04 #523 by maudet
Replied by maudet on topic StarGO and NINA
hi stephan

Nina working well vith stargo, but you need to always use administrator mode when you start the soft.


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