iPolar adapter for M-Zero

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02 Dec 2019 11:19 #59 by ducksoup87
iPolar adapter for M-Zero was created by ducksoup87
As you might know, the iPolar is an electronic polar finder, similar to the PoleMaster.
AFAIK, the existing PoleMaster adapter for the M-Zero is not mechanically compatible with the iPolar, so I was wondering if anybody knows about possible alternatives.

I know duct-taping the iPolar could be enough (I've seen this done with other mounts...), but maybe there's a more "stable" solution?

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  • Peter_S
06 Dec 2019 13:18 #75 by Peter_S
Replied by Peter_S on topic iPolar adapter for M-Zero
see my post in Luicano´s "share your setup"
You need to order the adapter for CEM60, but the EXTERNAL one! (not the internal version)
part no: #3339A-XXX or #3339R-SGP
I glued it, works perfect.

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