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Important AvalonUD Drivers - Compilation issues

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12 May 2024 19:12 - 12 May 2024 19:15 #1300 by Planet30
AvalonUD Drivers - Compilation issues was created by Planet30
I am having a StarGO2 Pro (1st generation) and controlling an M-Uno mount via my Macbook Pro with a combination of KStars/EKOS and the ASIAIR. This kind of works, but would be easier, if the new  AvalonUD drivers could be compiled for KStars/EKOS for macOS, INDIGO and the ZWO/ASIAIR.

While StallarMate contains a (kind of) working version on LINUX, Rob, who is compiling the KStars for macOS has issues with these drivers, so do the developers of  ZWO/ASIAIR and INDIGO. I have been in contact with all three of them lately and there seems to be some type of issue in making the AvalonUD available on other platforms.

The issue is in my point of view that the AvalonUD drivers seem to contain an access to some type of proprietary (sub-)drivers that are running on the SG2. I am no expert here, so I don't know what the actual issue is,

The whole idea of the StarGO2 is to be based on open source, but it's sitting on some type of undocumented proprietary hardware drivers that seem to be required to get everything compiled and running.

I know, I can access the local AvalonUD driver on the SG2, but that only works through a fully INDI-compatible environment,  This is not always wanted or practical because of communication issues (stability) between two INDI servers. And neither the ASIAIR (although it is kind of based on INDI) nor INDIGO can work this way.

Dear Avalon Team, I think you would make everyone's life much easier, if you would provide an (additional?) driver that is fully compatible with the LX200 or the OneStep drivers... or if you could outreach to the developers of ZWO, INDIGO, and KStars/EKOS for macOS and help them getting your drivers compiled. Thank you for your support.
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