Question N.I.N.A plate solve wrong pier side-AvalonM-due

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23 Apr 2023 10:03 #1153 by daserpey
I have a situation with an Avalon mdue mount with encoders. When connecting n.I.n.a to the mount in park position nina gets the good side of the pier on the west. I can slew it to an object using Cartes du Ciel and Nina still keeps the right side of the pier. If I perform a plate solve with ASTAP and sync, then it changes the side of the pier in the nina mount tab but the pier is still on the west. On the other side of the meridian makes the opposite. So I think Nina gets the reverse info from the mount . So I have to perform a new pointing model otherwise it goes to the opposite direction because Nina thinks the pier is on the opposite side. Could it be related to the encoders?.  Is there an option in plate solving to avoid confusing the side of the pier? Should I deactivate the use of encoders? If I would deactivate the encoders parking position will be maintained? 

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