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Question Pegasus Pocket Power Box not connecting to StarGo2Pro

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13 Nov 2022 21:45 #1084 by daserpey
I have been trying to connect PPB with StarGo2Pro with a lot of difficulties. I am also using the focuser armadillo of lunático. The PPB will only connect if disconnected every time manually from the USB. It looks like a port conflict or a discovery problem. There are threads in INDI talking about similar issues. I wonder if StarGo2 Pro would need un update to cope with this issues. Links to the threads:
Everytime StarGo2Pro attempts to connect it creates a file in dev/serial/by-id that points to port0 as it seems to be the case for armadillo (see file attached). Changing the file name to a different port doesn’t solve the issue because the file is created anew and deleted. Any suggestions?


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25 Nov 2022 19:07 - 25 Nov 2022 19:10 #1100 by Planet30
The INDI library version on my StarGO2 Pro is 1.8.9. This version had several crucial updates over the last year and a half. Your problem might be an issue of the INDI version just like in my case for another INDI driver that has been fixed by Jasem.
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