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Question T-Pod tray

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23 Dec 2022 17:58 #1109 by Froeng
T-Pod tray was created by Froeng
One of the things I find is missing from the otherwise excellent T-Pod is a tray. As I am a visual observer, a tray is very convenient to temporarily store eyepieces, etc.
The main characteristics of the T-Pod which makes it preferable over other tripods are being lightweight, but first and foremost not needing any tools to put it up. So I started thinking about a tray solution, which would work without having a screw on solution, but a simple "slot-in-place".
Here is my solution:
1. I ordered two sheets of 3mm thick plastic. One circular, one rectangular.
2. I then designed three Z-type brackets to fix the tray to the spider of the T-Pod. You simply drop it in and rotate the whole tray clockwise, so it is held into place. I added some felt liners to the Z-brackets not to scratch the T-Pod.
3. I also made a connection piece that holds the vertical "tray-walls" together. I made a slight measurement mistake here and the fit isn't as good as it could be, but it still works.
Below are some photos from the assembly an the final result.


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