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Question FOCS - Motor Focuser for C9.25

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06 Aug 2022 10:43 - 06 Aug 2022 10:49 #989 by Manitu
FOCS - Motor Focuser for C9.25 was created by Manitu
Hi Everyone

I just want to share some experience with my new motor focuser for Celestron C9.25.

There are two important points to pay attention to:

The focuser arrives with no separate install screws. It is intended to use the original three screws which fix the base plate of the manual focuser to the mount.
But in my case Celestron used shorter screws than the ones which were intended to use and I could not use them to fix the focuser.
So you may need longer screws. To make it easier for you here is the size I used: M3 x 10mm

The focuser arrives without any connection cable from focuser motor to StarGo panel. I can understand because everyone might need a different length.
But there is one important info you need to know: The type of connector for the cable. There is no info available on the Avalon website.
The connector should be a RJ10 (4P4C) connector. RJ10 is mandatory because this connector has the right size and will fit into the focuser.
The RJ11/RJ12 connectors which are also available as 4P4C are mostly hybrid connectors of 6P6C size and are too big for the focuser connector. So dont go for RJ11/RJ12.

I hope this will be useful for anyone looking foe the really nice FOCS motor focuser from Avalon.

CS Tom
Last edit: 06 Aug 2022 10:49 by Manitu. Reason: added RJ12

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