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Question M-zero Obs Motorized Azimuth/Altitude Adjustments - Help Requested

  • jimv
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27 Nov 2021 15:15 #806 by jimv

I have the motorized (altitude/azimuth) version of the M-zero Obs mount.
X-SOLVER has been used to generate a polar alignment report (see the attached screen capture).

Referring to that report:
* azimuth is -50.49 arc-minutes (too far east)
* altitude is -43.71 arc-minutes (too low)

My confusion is how to use the POLAR ALIGNMENT dialog window (see screen capture) to correct the misalignment.

The screen capture shows I have selected the AZIMUTH AUX1 tab in the POLAR ALIGNMENT dialog.
Since the mount azimuth is too far east (-50.49 arc-minutes), do I enter +50.49 in the box to the right of the GOTO label?

Finally, again in reference to the POLAR ALIGNMENT dialog, what are the ZERO and SYNC labels|buttons for?

Thanks for you help.

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  • Stefano82
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29 Nov 2021 10:41 #808 by Stefano82

In order to correct the azimuth -50.49 misalingment, is suggested to enter first a smaller amount (in this case, for example, +30.00 ArcMin) and then try a new Plate Solve.

Then repeat again the procedure, moving always in the same direction, as long as no misalignment will be displayed.

In this way it will be possible to compensate the misalignment also considering the mechanical play of the MPA kit.

Please note that a certain amount of play is required in order to allow the movement transmission, preventing the MPA kit to get in stuck.

By clicking on the "ZERO" button, the display simply reset the ArcMin value.

By clicking on the Sync button, will be performed a synchronization of the value typed by the user inside the value field and the value reported on the ArcMin display.

Best regards

Avalon Instruments Team
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