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Question Strange tracking behaviour observed - has anyone else seen the same

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11 Oct 2021 20:33 #722 by Stargazer14
Just got back from a stargazing trip with my m-zero. I noticed that some of the images taken [2-3m exposures at 500mm fl] showed that the stars had become 'triplets'- essentially the stars looked like braided pearls on a string - but this was not in all images of a run on the some object. I was using an Orion SSAG and for the most part the guiding was spot on but for a few groups of images I saw this smearing of the image.
I was wondering of other uses of this combination [m-zero and SSAG] had seen this behaviour?. It could just be that the SSAG was chasing the 'seeing' as the conditions were very hazy.

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