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Question M-Zero with TS100Q Balancing

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16 Nov 2020 10:39 - 16 Nov 2020 10:41 #429 by Maxdelm
M-Zero with TS100Q Balancing was created by Maxdelm
Hello everyone, first of all excuse my english. I will try to do my best to be fully understandable :D

I order my M-zero and now i'm trying to balance my refractor. The set-up is M-zero with TS100Q+sony a7s with no-autoguiding. I have 0.5+1.0kg counterweights and 140mm CW shaft. For making the balance easier I remove my sensto senso focuser.

The DEC arm is attached in the higher position, because of the grip-battery of the a7s.

First with the DEC arm balancing :
- Positioning the refractor at 90° (like in the manual, fully horizontal) and try to get the best balance position.
- After finding it it does not move, even with small pushes it seem's fine, proud of myself
- But when i push the scope to the other side to check the balance it's not balanced anymore.

I found a video about the M-uno balancing and i see the same thing but i am not sure if it is normal (the part with the SC edge) ?

RA arm balacing :
- With the scope in 90° position no problem for getting the balance point in every position. I use all my CW
- If I start in home position (pointing polaris) i cannot achieve a good balance of the set-up

To me it's a issue that balacing can't be reach in any position. Can you give me some advices ?

Clear skies (not my case :()
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