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Solved Auto Tracking ADJ disactivated every time I close and reopen Stargo

29 May 2020 23:43 - 25 Jun 2020 13:53 #291 by SJK

I use my M-Zero HQ with SGpro and PHD2.

First of all, I noticed that it is impossible to launch the stargo application while it is connected with SGpro, so no access to the floating keyboard or any of the settings.

I also noticed that when I open the Stargo app and activate the Auto Tracking ADJ, after I close the stargo app, and reopen it, Auto Tracking is always desactivated, so how can I be sure that the mount once connected with SGPro and PHD2 is really applying Autoadjust RA ?

Thank you for your help,
Stevan Klaas
Last edit: 25 Jun 2020 13:53 by Stefano82.

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03 Jun 2020 09:24 #301 by Stefano82
Hi Steven

In order to work properly the StarGo SP, the ASCOM platform and third party softwares as SGpro, PHD2 etc.. must all be installed and run as administrator.

Let us know if even in case all the softwares are installed and run as administrator, the issue persist.

I also would like to suggest you to read this topic, where it was explained how the Auto Tracking ADJ tool it was designed.

The tracking adjust function has been designed to reduce the Pulse Guiding system workload. The algorithm is based on the average of a certain numbers of the last pulse guiding commands, in order to temporary increase or decrease the sidereal tracking, and it works only when the Pulse Guide is activated and the StarGo.exe run.

Avalon Instruments Team

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24 Jun 2020 19:10 #333 by SJK
Dear Stefano,

Thank you for the advice. I reinstalled ASCOM, Avalon and made sure everything was in admin mode in the properties and it worked.

Auto adjust improved the guiding of about 10 arcsec rms.

Stevan Klaas

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