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Important StarGo hangs when parking with latest driver

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22 Mar 2024 15:55 #1287 by Zabolotnov

I am preparing my M-Zero mounted astrograph for remote hosting and running endurance test cycles indoors. The tests are performed in NINA and go as follows: unpark - slew to coordinates - track for a period of time - meridian flip - track - park, with slight variations.

I am having problems similar to the ones described in other threads: StarGo often hangs during the parking or unparking procedure. This happens in about 25% of the cycles when the scenario includes parking. When parking is replaced with find home it never hangs.

The hanging happens this way:
 - StarGo driver crashes, the window is closed.
 - NINA pops up an error about COM object missing or RPC server being unavaiable.
 - If I restart the StarGo driver it cannot connect properly and eventually tells me to reset StarGo.
 - Unresponsive StarGo sometimes keeps the mount tracking or even slewing! This is disturbing as it may crash into the pier if not unpowered immediately.
 - When StarGo is reset (via Pegasus Powerbox) it works normally again but I have to realign the mount manually and set home and park positions anew. Sometimes it forgets observatory location data as well.
StarGo driver version:
Firmware version: 6.4.0
NINA log example is attached. I can also try to collect driver crash dumps for you but not sure how to get them.

A related forum thread mentions that park and home position should differ. Whether they match or differ has no effect for me, StarGo hangs anyways.

Please advise how to solve this.
What happens if I do not park the mount and keep it in the home position for long periods of time instead? Are there any downsides?


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03 Apr 2024 08:30 #1290 by Stefano82
Replied by Stefano82 on topic StarGo hangs when parking with latest driver

Thanks for the log file provided, we are looking into.

The StarGo software/firmware versions seems to be ok.

As described in our F.A.Q. area, unresponsive StarGo may be due to poor quality or damaged cables, poor cabling or administrator privileges conflicts between ASCOM app.

In this case be sure the all the software/app that interact with StarGo via Avalon ASCOM driver run with the same administrator privileges.

Try to replace the USB cable or change USB port.

In case the USB cable is connected to an Hub, is strongly suggested to use Powered Hub.

There are no great downsides keeping the mount in Home Position instead of parking. The only difference is that you have to perform a Sync Home Position before to start the session and slew to targets.

Best regards

Avalon Instruments Team

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