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Alexanders Reinders


Location: Ravensburg (Germany)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hi Luciano! I just want to tell you that your Avalon M-uno is a really beautiful an Amazing mount! Attached is my first light with my TLAPO804 picturing the Great Wall of NGC7000:I Changed from the CPC1100 mount to the Avalon M-uno and I can determine a much higher stability and guiding on all my different scope set ups.Stronger wind is no problem anymore.The calibration result with the MGEN is always between 98 to 100%. I am very happy with the M-uno mount and I can encourage everyone to have a closer look on it.The design is a great new concept, engineering and the finishing is just beautiful!

NGC 70002-175x114

Mount: M-uno Fast Reverse
Telescope: TLAPO804 with Flattner 2” + IDAS LPS-P2 2”
Camera/CCD: CANON 60Da
Autoguide: Finder 50 mm + MGEN stand alone autoguider
Shot: 17 x 10min @ ISO800
Location: Ravensburg (Germany)



NGC338 alexander reinders 1000

M-uno time lapse