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Michael Miosga

Michael Miosga M-Zero Celestron C8 Setup
  • M-Zero OBS
  • Celestron Edge HD8 with 0.7 Celestron reducer
  • Camera ZWO 533 MC (and MC 120MM for guiding at a 180mm Guiding scope)
  • Guiding and control with Stellarmate Software package on a Raspberry PI 4, using the internal guider of Ekos/kStar with new multistar option.
The M-Zero does an excellent job even with the C8 as load. The results seem to be near to the seeing limits under average and good conditions.
First target is M53 as the globular clusters have a high luminosity and are good test for the resolution.
The guiding showed a RMS value of about 1 arcs, the dots remained all inside the 2 arcs circle of the guiding tool.
The image is composed of 26 captures of 1 min exposure time.
Next was M101 which is nearly in zenith. The guiding data were a little bit better, about 0.8 arcs RMS. 20 captures of 3 min.
With a little better seeing I have also taken a picture of M51, 58 captures of 1min each