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David James


After imaging with the M-Uno for nearly 2 years, I can simply say it has been a great journey and real pleasure. The M-Uno is basically what I have been looking for: robust, light and fully reliable, no meridian flip, excellent guiding, simple to use, no maintenance, and fitting well using either my C8 or my WOGT81. All what is needed to really enjoy astrophotography and good sleep at night. I used previously a AVX mount, which all said is fantastic for the price and I am still using it as portable mount, but I wanted a more reliable mount to secure 100% of good shots and able to go to bed knowing the mount running all night and delivering only positive results in the morning. The M-Uno has delivered such results from the 1st day.

it is installed permanently on a home made brick pier, typically with a scope and covered by a telegizmo 365 almost all year around (excluding 1,5 month around June as nights are so short up here in Sweden or in case of stormy weather when I get the mount in house). The pier/tripod plate that came with the mount was easy to set directly as a top plate on my pier, no need of extra plate/pier adaptor. It only takes 10 minutes to get started with my imaging session, the time to plug in computer, mount, setting camera, focus and a phd guiding calibration run. Then slewing to the target with Stellarium and plate solve.  

Switching from the C8 to WOGT81 is quick and simple with a mini extender (130 mm) on the dec (required without the need to repositioning the main arm). My imaging set up is a SX694 with mini filter wheel/OAG and lodestar as guide camera. I image typically at reduced C8 with Starizona SCT corrector II at and WOGT81 with FF0.8. Guiding (phD2) is typically <0,6 RMS, well below my image scale, so no problems to secure good shots of 10 like 20 min.

Location: Lund, Sweden



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