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Matteo Collina


Innovation is something always important in my approach to photography and astrophotography; something that push me to a continuous research in this scene is try to change the rules of the game, experience and find new solutions to bring on the scene, to solve problems that always hit the astrophotography community.

For this reason start a new collaboration with Avalon Instruments, and so with Luciano Dal Sasso, that have permitted me to test their products, completely made in Italy, characterized by an unique design and marked by an innovative system that live free from the meridian flip problem.

The projects with Avalon Instruments are big, ambitious and facing to support and disclose the activity of the astrophotographer in the word of the joint-venture photography, with projects like Avalon M-Zero, and in the world of the observatories and the remote photography, with projects like Merlino.

Merlino, in fact, is a system of remote observatories that have the purpose of revolutionize this world, making it safe, reliable, easy to transport and configure, and with a small physical maintenance requirement; a really personal and affordable system.

All Avalon products are controlled by a software, the Star-Go, that is in a continue evolution to improve and make fast the experience, often more complex than needed. This collaboration born from the desire of push the limit of this sector, the astrophotography, to new horizons and new results.

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