Suggestions and tips for Avalon Instruments products

StarGO power supply using

Avalon Instruments provide a power supply with a 5,5 mm external diameter, 2,1 mm internal diameter, that has been chosen due to his standard characteristichs, easy to find on the market and, above all, during the risk evaluation process, it has been noticed that in case of cable stretching, the connector can come out without any damages.

Please be aware that in this case a new mount alignment it is required but it only takes a few minutes, whereas, in case of cable ripping, it is sure that you will lose the whole session or, even worse, the StarGO power connector can be damaged, with serious consequences …

stargo power supply setting 

Before to connect the StarGO please check that the power supply is set on 15V. A very interesting characteristic of this power supply is the AC > DC step up function that allow to have 15V as output even using the cigarette cable connected to the 12V input connector.

Before to start the session check that the power cable is well inserted on StarGO power connector as shown in the picture below.

cable connection m zero 07 rit 800

The pictures below show one of the possible solution for a safe cable fixing to reduce the risk of cable ripping.