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StarGo safe connection mode

The following procedure is strongly reccommended during the first StarGo installation or in case of connection problem


"No Connection" error message during the StarGo connection


stargo noconnection


This issue may occur for several reason:

  • Low quality or damaged USB cable
  • Windows or Ascom Platform not updated
  • Wrong com port selected


  • Do not use the direct connection button.

stargo panel select com port 3

  • Check that USB cable quality or not damaged (do not use 2 meter longer or low quality cables).

  • Disconnect the power supply. Wait for a few seconds and connect again.

  • Check on the Device Manager the correct com port number, connected to the mount

device manager comport

  • Click “Settings” button

stargo panel select com port

  • Click on the Select Com Port button

stargo panel select com port 1

  • Choose the right Com Port number

stargo panel select com port 2

Now you're ready to connect to the StarGo by clicking on the OK button

com port panel cursor