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The new compact Avalon mount with Belt Drive System for travelling astronomy and light setup.
Now in Special Offer with a Special Price and with the T-pod 70 included
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  • Mount head
  • T-pod 70
  • StarGo Bluetooth controller
  • StarGo keypad
  • Power Supply
  • Counterweight shaft
  • 1 x 3 Kg counterweight
  • Allen wrench key set
  • USB flash drive with StarGo software
T-pod and telescope not included
T-pod and telescope not included
EVO-zero Packing Content
EVO-zero Packing Content

Belt Drive System improved

The Avalon Exclusive technology composed by timing belts and polymer fiberglass pulleys characterized by no backlash, no sudden spikes and no maintenance has been now improved in its rigidity.

Evo zero catalogue 02

No clutch on both RA DEC axis, Easy to setup

With telescopes within the mount payload capability, it is only required to fix them on the top  clamp without perform a fine balancing adjustment

Payload up to 13 kg

Also without counterweights or with a small counterweight on depending on the setup specs

Light weight, less then 5 kg

Perfect mount for travelling astronomy or light setup, the Evo-zero with its less then 5 Kg light weight and small overall dimensions (28 x 21 x 11 cm), can easily fit in a small trolley also.

From 0° to 90° - Easy to setup

The base mount design allow to easily set the latitude degree from 0° to 90°, the Evo-zero can be simply fixed on the T-pod with a knob from the bottom base side.

With telescopes within the mou­nt payload capability, it is only required to fix the telescope on the top vixen clamp without perform a fine balancing adjustment.

Evo zero catalogue 05 eq az 0 90

HQ Motors

Resolute and accurate tracking accuracy with the 400 step HQ (Hig Quality) motors assembled on both RA/DEC axis.

High Tracking and Guide resolution thanks to the 0,1 arc. sec / micro step

Evo zero catalogue 05 hq motors

Brake Safety System

This technology immediately stop the RA axis in case of planned or unplanned power loss.

StarGo support ASCOM/INDI and smart devices

The mount is controlled by the StarGo, that, with its AvalonStargo ASCOM driver support the most used astronomical software applications such as Phd2, Maxim, SGP, CartduCiel, Stellarium etc..

With the INDI drivers it is possible to use it with Linux systems.

Thanks to the StarGo, by using app as SkiSafari, the mount can be controlled with smart devices via Bluetooth

StarGo Keypad

The StarGo Keypad allow to “manually” move the mount on the RA and DEC axis, without PC or smart devices.

It also allow:

Focuser control,

Tracking Speed adjustment (Sidereal, Solar, Lunar, Terrestrial)

Slew Speed increase/decrease.

Designed for T-pod 70, compatible with an adapter with the T-pod 90

The T-pod 70 has been designed to work with the EVO-zero but the mount is also compatible with the T-pod 90 thanks to the EVO-ZERO TPOD 90 ADAPTER PRODUCT CODE: AV-9ATM014.

Technical Data


Technical DataTable


Equatorial/Alt Az mount

Payload Capability

13 Kg


4,6 Kg

Overall Dimensions

28 x 21 x 11 cm

Latitude range available

From 0° to 90°

Software/Driver StarGo.exe, Avalon Ascom Driver, Avalon INDI driver
Motor resolution 0.1 arc.sec / micro step

RA/DEC motors

HQ (High Quality) 400 stepper motors

Transmission system

All belts drive system based on four stages reducer.
All the movements are on roller bearings. No maintenance and no backlash system.
Pulleys made with special polymer fiberglass charged and high precision toothed belts.

Construction Material

Anodized aluminium, worked out from single blocks with high precision 5 axis CNC machines

GOTO system

StarGo Bluetooth version

Telescope plate

Vixen style, single knob with 2 tightening points


2 years from the purchase date, extended to 5 years for the transmission system


Technical Draw


EVO zero dimensions 1000


User Manual



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