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M-DUE Observatory

M-due Observatory Dual Dec Pier included in the Special offer for Pre Order. Telescopes not included
Telescopes not includedTelescopes not included
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Italian VAT (22%) incl.12.022,27 €
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Motorized Polar Alignment
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  • Mount Head

  • StarGo2 Pro

  • Pier Plate
  • StarGo2 Pro control Keypad
  • Keypad connection cable
  • Metric Allen Wrench key set
  • Losmandy clamp
  • USB flash drive with manuals and software
  • Attachment screws
  • Documentation, warranty certificate
  • Power Supply

The M-due Observatory is mount devoted to deepsky imaging in the payload capacity range up to 35 kg.

The M-due comes with the High Resolution ABSOLUTE ENCODER and the new StarGo2 Pro controller.

A robust mount base, an high payload capability and more then 6 positions available for the DEC arm on the RA axis. In this way it is possible to achieve the best balancing by using as less as counterweight possible.


With the M-due mount, the Avalon Instruments exclusive Belt Drive System has been now improved by adding High Resolution ABSOLUTE ENCODER.

Slew Speed:  up to 10° / sec

StarGo2 Pro

The mount is controlled by the new StarGo2 Pro, the controller comes with the following features:

  • Raspberry pi 4 based
  • Compatible with all the Linux astronomical software (Kstar, Stellarium, Carte du Ciel etc.) 
  • 4” Touch Screen Display on StarGo2 Pro case embedded
  • Connection mode:
    - Mode 1: StarGo2 Pro as Hotspot
    - Mode 2: StarGo2 Pro connected to your network, via LAN or Wi-Fi
    - Desktop remote connection to the StarGo2 Pro Operative System - Raspberry Pi4 - for a full setup control - mount, CCD cameras, focuser etc.
    - Multiplatform Web App, for the system network connection and the mount function management
  • Standard Raspberry pi4 Input/Output:
    - 1 audio port, 2 USB 2.0 ports.
    - 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Ethernet port
    - 2 x 12 volt power out ports
    - 1 x variable 6 – 12 volts power out port
    - 1 x Keypad
    - Aux 1 RJ port with ASCOM and INDI driver ready to be used
  • SkySafari direct connection
  • Driver:
    - INDI (Linux, Mac O.S.)
    - ASCOM Alpaca (Windowd O.S.)

Finally a real All in one astrophotografic setup management system for:

Mount - CCD cameras - Focuser

Dual Dec fully rotating axis

The M-Due comes with a fully rotating declination axis, which allows the use of a second clamp to hold a second OTA

StarGo2 Pro LCD Touchscreen Web App Screenshot. Click on the image below to watch more StarGo2 Pro menu screenshots.

stargo2 pro screen 01

Technical data


Technical DataTable
Encoder High Resolution Absolute Encoder
Weight 22,4 kg
Capacity 35 kg
Transmission system
All belts drive system based on four stages reducer.
All the movements are on ball bearings. No maintenance and no backlash system.
Pulleys made with special polymer fiberglass charged and high precision toothed belts.
Construction Material Anodized aluminium, worked out from single blocks with high precision 5 axis CNC machines
Slew Speed up to 10° / sec
GOTO system StarGo2 Pro
Counterweight bar Dovetail 3" clamp
Counterweight 0,5 kg counterweight
Scope plate Losmandy, 3" (75mm), dovetail, single knob with 2 tightening points
Warranty 2 years from the purchase date, extended to 5 years for the transmission system


User Manual

M-due Observatory User Manual is coming soon!

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