New Merlino P.R.O.

Merlino is the new Personal Remote Observatory designed by Avalon-Instruments to be totally "user friendly", the current state  of the art in  providing you with a vastly more comfortable and efficient use of your telescope, allowing the photographic using from remote darker sky locations, when time is limited or weather conditions are uncertain.


merlino-construction 035-milky-way-rit-1000
The main benefits of our new design is its compactness and simplicity of use. Located inside is the PC, a Router, a dedicated electronic board that manages an entire series of sensors for complete control of your system, in terms of both functionality and safety. The system is controlled by a custom made software interface that allows the Merlin to be used in a mode not dissimilar to a typical mobile setup. In fact, software applications that you are likely already familiar with, are integrated into the system, further increasing ease of use. User Friendly is # 1 with your Merlino!

Merlino - P.R.O.

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