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Astronomical Center Manciano

Avalon Instruments is glad to announce the Astronomical Center Manciano birth, that is our official location for Research & Development of all our products. In this center will be placed several remote observatories and it will be also possible to use personal setup.
The site is placed inside Agriturismo La Svolta and wants to be an Italy reference point for the astronomy hobby and knowledge spreading and it is open to everyone who wants to organize events, lessons, starparties, meetings and conventions about astrophotography and astronomy.

Merlino Personal Remote Observatory at Astronomical Center MancianoMerlino Personal Remote Observatory at Astronomical Center MancianoPlaces for Observatoriesmanciano-astronomical-center-400

setups-mancianoThe following picture is the "first light" of the Avogadro Observatory that is property of M. Ghiri and A. Milani.
The Avogadro Observatory is based on the Merlino P.R.O. and the picture has been taken during the Astrocamp 2015.

NGC 5907 - RC 8" GSO and Atik ONE 694 - 10 subs 1200s no filters - Elaboration: PixinsightNGC 5907 - RC 8" GSO and Atik ONE 694 - 10 subs 1200s no filters - Elaboration: Pixinsight


Agriturismo La Svolta special offer

Agriturismo La Svolta

The Agriturismo La Svolta is near the Manciano town (Grosseto Italy), inside the Maremma Regional Park, in the southern Tuscany,  20Km  from the sea and 100 mt of altitude.
It is a quiet country area , far away from noisy light pollution and thanks to the mild weather and his very dark Sky (SQM 21.3) is a perfect location for the astronomical observation also during the winter season .



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