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Merlino for Research

Discovered a new Variable Star with Avogadro Observatory based on Merlino PRO. The Variable discovered is the GSC 01826-00950, is an EA system and is located in Taurus constellation. The discovery has been made between 5-9 december.

Lightcurve new Variable GSC 01826-00950 Discovered

The system variation range is between 13.72 and 13.98 (CV) at minimum. The secondary - not observed but derived from CRTS data - takes to 0.12 variation compared to the maximum.

Period 3.104790 d
Epoch HJD 2457366.30300 (09 Dec 2015)

Discoverer are: A. Marchini, F. Salvaggio, R. Papini (Observatory University of Siena), A. Milani, M. Ghiri (Avogadro Observatory)