Matteo Collina got AAPOD²

Avalon-Instruments is glad to announce the AAPODx2 for Matteo Collina taken with M-zero mount. The picture taken is IC4603 IC4603 matteo collina m zero avalon 400

IC4063 is a nebula in a zone called Rho Ophiuci, in the ophiucus constellation, close to the center of our galaxy.
 This nebula is very famous for his bright colours.

Telescope: Optolong Astro filter LRGB, Takahashi FS60CB f/4.2
Mount: Avalon-instruments M-Zero
Exposure: 18x10' L - 9x10' RGB
Date: April, June 2017
Location: Capodirigo (AP), Italy


By Matteo Collina



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