New M-Uno D is now available!

M-Uno Fast Reverse now comes already provided with Dual Dec option. On the new Dual Dec option it is possible to attach: GP clamp, GP dovetail clamp, Losmandy type clamp, GP bar and the X-Guider. Coming with the same high quality RA mechanics and Fast Reverse, belt driven System, the M-Uno Dual is an upgraded version of the well known M-Uno mount. The innovation on the M-Uno Dual mount is the new fully rotating Declination axis, which allows the use of a second clamp (optional) to hold a second smaller OTA. Although the X-Guider accessory (optional) can be used instead .
Either the standard or registrable version of the GP & Losm. 3” clamps can be easily attached to the declination axis. Both registrable clamps are provided with inox screws to align a second scope (of smaller size compared to the main one used) in order to have both perfectly aligned to the same object or field of view.
As an alternative, also the X-Guider accessory can be attached directly to the declination axis end as it provides a fine alignment of the guide scope itself.

M Uno dual dec 31 rit

M Uno dual dec 32 rit 1000