Santiago got AAPOD² on 26th june

Avalon-Instruments is glad to announce the AAPODx2 for Derek Santiago and his M-uno with this amazing NGC 3628, Spiral galaxy in Leo 

 NGC3628 galaxi leo derek santiago

 Spiral galaxy in Leo, NGC 3628 is one of the trio of galaxies known as the Leo Triplet.
It has been called the Hamburger Galaxy.

 Imaging Camera: QSI640wsg
 Imaging Scope: Celestron 9.25"Edge HD at F/10
 Guide Camera: SX Lodestar
 Mount: Avalon M-Uno Fast Reverse
 Filters: Astrodon Gen II LRGB
 Exposure: 4 hours Lum, 5 minute subs unbinned , 40 min each RGB 2.5 minute subs binned x 2
 Processing: CCD Stack and PS CC
 Date: March 5, 2017
 Sky conditions: Below average seeing, good transparency and as usual, the worst Bortle white light pollution.
 Location: My front driveway. Morristown, NJ


By Derek Santiago



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