Santiago got AAPOD² on 31st september

Avalon-Instruments is glad to announce the AAPODx2 for Derek Santiago and his M-uno with this amazing Barnard 174 the Dark Nebula


barnard 174 dark.nebula derek santiago 400


This image shows dark nebula B174 in Cepheus at the center with portions of B169/171 at top and small B173 to the left. The colorful starfield includes bright zeta Cephei. there small red emission nebulae noted as well.

Imaging Camera: QSI640wsg
Imaging Scope: Takahashi FSQ85ED @F/5.3
Guide Camera: SX Lodestar
Mount: Avalon M-Uno
Filters: Astrodon LRGB
Exposure: 3 hours Luminance (5 minute subs) 60 minutes each RGB (5 minute subs).Bin x 1
Processing: CCD Stack and PS CC
Date: 8/8/16 Location: My front driveway. Morristown, NJ


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