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Merlino Medium

Dimensions: Length: 1550 mm - Width: 1400 mm - Height: 1500 mm
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Merlino Medium with the following features:

  • Anodized aluminum structure with external cover, roof and panels.

  • Motorised open/close remote controlled mechanical shutter

  • PC with Windows software (in English language) for the Merlino functions control (no keyboard, no monitor)

  • Electronic I/O control board (diagram attached below)

  • WiFi Router with 4G internet sim device input predisposition.

  • Motorized webcam for internal inspection and visual sky (rain) monitoring

  • Rain detector.

  • Software management system for the Merlino observatory and setup

  • Insulated, internally wired electrical system

  • English Instruction manual

Merlino Observatory Medium opened

Merlino is the Personal Remote Observatory of Avalon-Instruments. It is designed to be totally "user friendly", and it is current state  of the art in  providing you with a vastly more comfortable and efficient use of your telescope, allowing the photographic using from remote darker sky locations, when time is limited or weather conditions are uncertain.

All made possible with a maximum of reliability & safety

The main benefits of our design is its compactness and simplicity of use. Located inside is a PC, a router, and a dedicated electronic board that manages an entire series of sensors for complete control of your system, in terms of both functionality and safety. The system is controlled from a software interface entirely developed from Avalon Instruments that allows the Merlino to be used in a way very similar compared to a typical mobile setup.
In fact, many commonly known software applications are integrated into the system, further increasing easy of use.

Rain Sensor

A rain sensor is installed on the Merlino and connected to the electrical board for automated dome closure in case of rain to allow safe work also in case of unattended sessions.

Merlino Medium rain detector cut

User-Friendliness is our #1 goal for your Merlino

Thanks to its compact size, Merlino can be used in your terrace, your garden or nearly any available space. The internal 4G router connects your Merlino to a local area network (Intranet) or via the web (Internet). Of course, internet connection allows you to use your Merlino from a remote location.

The Merlino is entirely powered by a 12 volt, an AGM sealed battery in the range from 100 to 150 Ah is suggested (the battery is not included in the package) and Solar Panels, which allows it to promptly close the session and automatically recover in case of blackout.

The Merlino project solves most of the problems related to the management of a remote Observatory thanks to its special characteristics.

Merlino Software

Merlino comes provided with a software for the full control of the observatory and the setup. The software allows the management of the dome opening / closing as well as the mount and devices switch ON / OFF.

It also allows the monitoring of relevant parameters as voltage, rain and tempeature.

Merlino software 01 rit


Merlino software 02


The Personal Remote Observatory " Merlino " can be fully remote controlled

The Merlino enables you to schedule photo sessions using macros created directly by the user, using the macro editor provided as standard equipments.

This allows you to automate both the beginning (startup) and closing (shutdown) of various operations. The Merlino is able to autonomously shut down the system in case of unexpected events or problems, thanks to the included rain sensor, thus ensuring the safety and security of your system.

Merlino Macro Sample Video

Tracking Satellites Feature Available with StarGo Plus/StarGo2 Pro and Avalon Mounts

By installing an Avalon mount with StarGo Plus or StarGo2 Pro inside the Merlino is possible to tracking satellites. See the video below to watch a session taken in our Merlino Observatory at our Headquarter with a M-uno mount

Merlino Medium Technical Draw

Merlino medium dimensions 02 2000

Pictures from Willem Suyker

merlino medium setup rit 2


Merlino medium m uno setup 01