Denis Fradet - Linear Mount

Location: Gretz Armainvilliers (France)
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I have spend a lot of time testing during this awful spring to see how the mount was behaving and also to see where I can push it. You were absolutely right there is no real limit to the exposure length the mount track flawlessly so no reason to limit myself. All of the test I made show that the mount track with an average error of 0.4-0.6? Meaning for me below than the limit separation of my optic (85mm and 102mm). The traking is really amazing 99.99% of the guiding image are in the same pixel. As image speaks better than thousands of words, here is my first real image 19×30 minutes on NGC700 and IC-5070 with a FSQ-85 and ST-8300. Corners are not perfect. I have a tilt in the camera.


NGC7000-2013 1830px-175x114

Mount: Linear Fast Reverse
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ-85
Camera/CCD: Sbig ST-8300M + Astrodon Halpha 5 nm
Autoguide: STi
Shot: 19 x 30 minutes
Post Production: Iris + Photoshop
Location: Gretz Armainvilliers (France)

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