FOCS Focusers

FOCS is the new Avalon Instruments focuser easy to assemble and based on a belt system that has no play and that allows the manual focus adjustment also when the kit is mounted. FOCS is available for:

SC Celestron (C8, C9,5 and C11 models)

GSO 6" & 8"

Sharpstar Telescope


Feather Touch Focuser

The new controller FOCS uses a stepper motor that allows high resolution positioning and can be controlled directly by the StarGo via the AUX1 port or by the new X-MD control system that allows a stand-alone functionality thanks to the integrated battery.

FOCS Focuser for Celestron C8 and C9,5

 FOCS Focuser for Celestron C11

FOCS Celestron C11


FOCS Focuser for GSO 6" & 8"

Easy to connect. It can be simply used connecting on the StarGO aux port with the new Ascom focuser driver

FOCS Focuser for Sharpstar telescope

FOCS Focuser for Sharpstar Telescope

FOCS Focuser for Feather Touch

FOCS for Feather touch focuser

FOCS Focuser for Skywatcher
FOCS for Skywatcher

The kit can be used simply by connecting it to the port of the AUX1 Stargo using the cable supplied as standard. The FOCS have a driver ASCOM inserted in the Stargo drivers. It will be possible then to use the FOCS with third-party softwares (Maxim, TheSkyX, FocusMax, Sequence Generator Pro, BackyardEOS, etc etc).

FocusMaxV4 005 Vcurve-Sequence-End


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