What it is

The SharpStar Binoscope is a particular type of "Giant Binocular" made by the coupling of two high quality apocromat refractor telescopes with 107 mm diameter each, providing much more detailed and luminous stereoscopic views, compared with those obtained with a single telescope, with the addition of a comfortable 90° vision.


How it is done

The entire system has been computer designed and each component is made from solid milled aluminium, using a CNC machine running a sophisticated CAD-CAM 5-axis system.
The Back Optical Group and the Double Ring Fork system, which are both made of monobloc aluminium, are designed to optimize the following parameters:

  • Extreme compactness, rigidity and excellent mechanical alignment of the optics, based on three fixing points.
  • Interpupillary distance setting using a confortable knob.
  • Independent focusing system on each ocular.
  • Optical image allignment through two confortable small knobs, allowing a quick dynamical collimation, absolutely mandatory even at 30x or above.



The optical design of the Back Group, which is the central element of the StarSharp 107 Binoscope, is based on three high surface correction planar mirrors for every channel. This solution has been adopted to minimize both the light loss in the optical path and the chromatic aberrations, which are normal with optical prisms. Given the odd number of reflecting surfaces, the system allows the correction of the up-down vision but not the left-right one; however it is possible to use the binoscope for terrestrial visions also (bird watching, panoramas, surveillance, etc.) even if it has been designed with a specific astronomical use in mind.

Field of Use

Thanks to the use of apochromatic lenses, many useful magnifying levels are available, ranging from 25x up to 250-300x. It is therefore possible to use the SharpStar 107 binoscope for both deep sky and planetary visions.
If used around 25-30x with wide field oculars it offers exciting visions of the Galaxy, the Open Clusters and Emission Nebulas! The sense of looseness in the cosmic space is assured and the observer will experience the sensation to look through a space ship porthole!!
Pushing the magnification to its limits (250-300x) it is possible to easily observe the Solar System objects and, thanks to the binocular vision, the eye comfort is such that it is possible a systematic and prolonged observation of the planet surface mutations, such as those of Mars and Jupiter. It will be also possible to observe the Transient Lunar Phenomenon (TLP) and the rapid solar granulation evolution.
In addition, we underline that several tests, performed by many observers, have shown a gain, in terms of visual magnitude of the binocular systems, of a factor 1.3-1.4 in comparison to the maximum magnitude provided by the monocular systems. It means that with the SharpStar 107 you will have a visual perception comparable with that of a 140 mm diameter telescope!

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