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The European Space Weather project (Horizon 2020)

The last but most important step was carried out in the scientific area.

AVALON INSTRUMENTS collaborates with INAF (National Institute for Astrophisics), in the European Space Weather project (Horizon 2020). The project target is the design and production of a Solar Magnetic Field Monitoring System to prevent the risk of a solar flare that can damage/destroy human technology such as Satellites, GPS systems, Nuclear and Thermal power plants.

 avalon instruments presentation 2

SAMM is a remotely operated binocular telescope equipped with two instruments based on the narrow band Magnetic Optical Filters (MOF), with the aim to get images from different layers of the atmoshere of the sun at a high temporal cadence (20 sec) and a resolution of 1000Km.

SAMM can simultaneously produce images giving a “real time” map of magnetic fields and plasma evolution in the active regions of the sun that can determine powerful “solar storms” causing severe damages on many infrastructures on Earth. A network of SAMM telescopes can provide a very unique instrument to forecast these disrupting events in a risk mitigation framework.


24 January 2020


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